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(Message started by: babsil30 on Jul 12th, 2005, 6:55am)

Title: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by babsil30 on Jul 12th, 2005, 6:55am
OMG guys! It was so freaking awesome!!

ok, so let's start off in sections... saturday, that's a travel day.

Erin & Julie were coming from Wisconsin and meeting me in in southern Chicago, as i was coming from a couple of hours south of Chicago. So that was the 1/2 way point. Anyway, I get there, go to the place where we are meeting. Call Erin, give them new directions, and then 10 minutes later, I realize I'm in the WRONG place! *DEARK* LOL So... I get back in my car... they are still at the very leeast, over an hour away still.. so no biggie.

I drive down to the CORRECT K-mart parking lot, and wait.... and wait....and wait. they were more than an hour late... try 2 hours late! *snoooooze* :laugh:

So... off we go.... and whoops.... get on I-9- west by accident becuase the damn thing wasn't marked properly. I think all the construction really screwed things up.... so after getting stuck on I-90W and we needed I-90/94E.... 40 minute later... we are able to pull off and turn around after driving thru some neighborhood stuff. GOOD EYESIGHT JULIE! She's the one that spotted the sign we need and it was OVER a block away! LOL

OK, so by then, we're nearly 3 hours behind... did I ever tell you guys how much I HATE CITY DRIVING!? :laugh: my nerves were a bit frazzled and I was just so ready to smoke in the car... but I told Erin & Julie (who don't smoke) I wouldn't do that to them.

So we're on the way... we make a few pit stops. 1st one was in Portage or Porter Indiana, can't remember the name.... OMG, ok, don't stop at the Marathon gas station, the bathrooms were less than desirable... but we all had to go realy bad (or at least I did LOL). So... back on the road, Julie is talking about this HUGE yellow waffle house.... we're driving.... & driving... and FINALLY we see it... it's a BROWN waffle house with a mustard yellow roof and it wasn't HUGE. LOL We all started laughing and I said, "Well, that was anti-climatic." :rolleyes: :laugh:

OK, so a few more hours down the road, there's a town called CLIMAX, (Michigan) and Erin and I of course burst out laughing! :yes: :laugh:

so, we finally make it to Dearborn, MI, our destination. We're only about 4 hours behind now because of the traffic and the time change. We checked into the hotel, which, ok was NOT a fun thing to do because the lady says, "Sorry, but your credit card declined" and i'm "WHAT???????" and so did my OTHER one! and i'm like 'WHAT??????????????" and I get Erin to come in, and HER'S do the same thing! In the mean time, the cleark is being a beyotch and nasty to us and making comments about how it's not there fault etc etc, to call our banks (it's a cc company, not a bank honey) so anyway... finally, after another attempt, one went thru! come to find out, VISA was having issues, it wasn't declined, they just couldn't process anything for a bit of time! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: sheesh!

ok, so we drop stuff off in um.. bad room! :laugh: screw it... we go over to michelle's (bella over at she calls because her & her husband are worried as we haven't called. well, we were going to "surprise" th em and just show up instead of letting her know we were in town and come pick us up type of thing! :laugh: LOL so, we arrive and have OMG the most awesome BBQ!

ok, so we have this TOTALLY awesome BBQ with all of these goo goo dolls fans from World of Goo (WOG) and Absolute Goo (AG) message board. it was so cool and OMG, Michelle is the hostest with the mostest!! her and her husband Chris was so incredibly sweet and thoughtful! Thank you 2 again!! *HUGS*

So back to the hotel room because it's getting late and I needed to get up at 4am.... well, I ended up getting sick.. I mean, SICK! *blah* So I only ended up with one hour of sleep, but woke up anyway and got ready.... however my bedmate Kari (fom WOG) wasn't so quick... as it was, we didn't leave to 6am. :rolleyes: I'm thinking.. crud, i could have slept at least another 1.5 hour! :rolleyes: :laugh:

OK, so, Michelle comes picks us up 6am Sunday morning and we hit the Starbucks and YUM! Then she drops us off at the PGA golf tournament. Gates didn't open until a little after 7, but we were lucky and got in a lot e arlier than that! *EEEEEEEEEEEE*

we were seriously the first ones th ere! LOL Such a goober! ROFL We staked out are area and sat there... and sat there... and napped and OMG, it was 98 degrees (or that's 33C for you other folks), no clouds, so nothing but hot & sunny! I have the most ridiculous burned areas from where I missed the sunblock around the halter top area! *smacks own forehead* LOL

so finally golf tournament ends... *EEEEEEEEEE* only been sitting there 12 hours or so! LOL and we have to wait for them to remove some ropes..yeah right! :rolleyes: we dive under t hem... they stop us.... we inch forward slowly creeping... then we made it to the 2nd set of ropes that blocked off a little stage for the trophy presentation. finished t hat... got our photos taken a couple of times.. then we had to make a 2nd mad dash after they took down the 2nd set uf ropes.. OMG, I'm FIRST F'ING ROW! *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* and so is Erin!! woohoo! Julie is just behind us in 2nd row. We couldn't squish her up! LOL

So.. OMG, Big Machine starts and *SCREAM* LOL holy mother of god does that man look (that'd be john rzeznik) so freaking hot! humina humina humina! LOL

I screamed, jumped around, sang my heart out! held up my sign that said, "Hi! I'm Barb" ROFLMAO! Long story, but it got there attention! LOL Erin's banner said, " Johnny, can I have your pic?" and guess what? he flicked it to her! *EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

there's more.... but I have to get ready for work.. sorry! LOL

I'll finish once I'm at work and have caught up! LOL

(talk about anti-climatic *snort*)

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by babsil30 on Jul 12th, 2005, 10:20am
ok, so i'm back to continue the Goo weekend saga! and i DO mean saga!

ok, so a bit about the concert... *eeeee* i'm still saying "front row! front row!" to myself and giggling quietly!  

ok, so concert... sheesh, my brain is completely and totally fried, so i can't remember the set list..sorry! but i'll get that from a WOGer if anyone is seriously interested...

ok, so.. about the concert... A few songs into the concert, right in the middle of "Name", JR says.."Wait.. I'll be right back.." and LEAVES! we're all standing around and thinking.. "HUH?" and a bit later JR comes back and says "Sorry, I forgot to take care of that BEFORE the concert" or something to that effect. (remember, my brain is fried after sitting 12+ hours in 98F weather! LOL) and we all start laughing because we KNOW what he forgot to do! LOL one of the ladies next to me makes an impromptu sign "#1 --or-- #2" *snort* he started giggling when he saw that sign! it was so cute! LOL

At one point, sheesh, cant' remember what song, but JR was signing and Robby comes up to the edge of the stage and looks right at me and makes a silly-goofy-sticking-out-his-tongue-crossed-eyed-face! ROFLMAO! He did to me and I totally cracked up! I couldn't stop laughing and smiling and OMG, FACE PAINS cause of all the smiling! LOL

During "Iris" I could have SWORE John smiled at me because everyone else was being all "somber" a bit during hte slow song and I'm standing there looking up at this hunk of a man and OMG I can't stop smiling like a freaking FOOL and I could have swore that's why he smiled! (that's my story and I'm sticking to it! so *ner*)

ok, so the concert is rocking away and OMG i'm jumping around like a fool still singing at the top of my lungs. i was so freaking hot and sweaty and i bet ya anything we all smelled! LOL we did'n' care though!

so the concert is over, we RUN back stage... stood there... and a guy comes out with one of Mike's drumstick. and if y'all know me or don't know me... OMG, i so wanted that f'ing drumstick! i'm screaming
please????????????????????????? and the woman he was going to give it to, she wouldn't come up front. what a DORK! LOL She said, "Not with out my friends" and I'm thinking.. "honey, you've got to be kidding right?" LOL So a very pouty me was talking to the cop.. "Are there here?" he says... "nope, they are gone"

and I asked, "Do you swear on a bible that they are gone?" and he says, "I swear" and again I ask, "ON BIBBLE?" and he says, "On my grandmother's grave" so then I turned to Erin .. "Ok, I'm outta here..they are gone!" *slumps off down the sidewalk pouting* LOL

and OMG, there were some major hotties that are dearborn's cops! OMG! there was this one humina cop that sheesh! "Handcuff me please!" ROFLMAO

ok, so concert is over... i have no pics because i didn't want to get throw on like they did some other ppl with cameras... VERY strict rules at the PGA tourneys. BUT... Erin got some!!! *EEEEEEEEEEE*

once we finish uploading photos, i'll share the link!

ok, so... out to dinner, we're supposed to stop by Michelle's because Chris invited us crazy girls again (what a sweetie he is!!!) but we were soooooo tired after dinner (by then, it was 10pm) and we just crawled up the hotel stairs into our room...

some know.. some don't.. but i'm a brad pitt freak too! LOL and if this tells you anything.. i feel asleep watching the movie "Troy" where there's a naked Brad! HELLO! how tired is that huh? LOL

ok... so the saga is NOT over yet! LOL sorry to bore those who have falled asleep! LOL

so... on the way home... i realize, crud, the directions back to the midway airport (where we parked julie's car) are gone! *smacks own forehead again*

so, erin calls her hubby as we're close to chicago... she gets directions from him.... we follow them.. except at first.. Erin says.. "go towards lakeshore dr" okie dokie... well, there was a SECOND part of the directions! *throws things at erin* go towards lakeshore BUT turn on 22nd street! well crud! now we don't know wh ere we are so we get BACK on the expressway again.. did I mention I HATE CITY DRIVING!!!!

ok, so we're back.. back backwards AGAIN!
#%^!#!!$@^!#@# and more curse words! LOL so, we loop around AGAIN... FINALLLY got to 22nd street... follow directions that Erin's hubby gave us from mapquest..... which should be called mapLOST because it put us... no lie.. wait...... A FRIGGING DIRT ROAD THAT DEAD ENDED!

*curse words* because we're to turn right onto lumber... well... all of a sudden, one of the girls, julie or erin.. dont' remember.. scream out.. "THERE'S LUMBER" *screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech* tires, braking, cars honking, nearly whiped out little blue car, i'm SURE he swore at us the very least and i WHIP into lumber and realize.... freaking DIRT ROAD!! i had to pull over because i was laughing to freaking hard! i had tears running down my face... i think i was a bit boardline hysterical by then!  

ok... so we get BACK on this road and this is AFTER we've gone thru some um.. yeah, interesting neighborhoods.."THANKS A LOT MAPLOST".. we saw chinatown, a mexican section, some projects I think... and all i'm saying is, "it's a good thing it's still daytime"!!!!  

so.. we stop and i find a none-chinese person and yell out the window', 'MISS!!!!!!! I'm lost, can you help please?" and she was so sweet but I bet she thought we were all a bunch of freaking loonies! LOL

I say, "Are we near Midway airport?

she gets this ridic-ulous frown and an expression like, "OMG, what a ditz" and says.. "no no, you're not close at all!" DAMN MAPLOST!

she gives us the VERY best directions and we didn't have to get on the expressway! YEAY! because by then, i would have to put the car in park and cried! i was so freaking frazzled that i broke my promise to erin & julie and i smoked in the car! (sorry girls!!!)

oh... btw, we had some rather intersting reading materal on the way home! *snort* erin now has it though!   i snuck it into her suitcase when her and julie went to get their car out of the parking lot! ah-hahahahahahahahah! *slapping knee*

so that my dear friends.... was my goo weekend! so many freaking memories. i knwo i'm not even telling you 1/2 of what happened!

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by crazy4goo on Jul 12th, 2005, 10:40am
OMG ! You really had a helluva time gettin' around. I had a travel day from hell myself, so I can somewhat relate! Isn't it all worth it though? Especially for a smile from John? Heehee, he smiled at me too :love: I LOVE that man!

I'm so bummed I didn't get a chance to meet you and some of the others from this board. It was kind of chaotic at the 18th hole with the heat an all. We plopped ouselves under a shade tree on the left side of the stage and pretty much stayed there all afternoon talking to some real cool folks from Ann Arbor.

Hopefully when they start touring, we'll have another chance, I plan on going to as many as I possibly can. ;D


Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by babsil30 on Jul 12th, 2005, 11:39am
sherri.. it was sooooooo worth it!  only thing that would have been better is if i had my camera with me!!  i was so afraid of getting kicked out so i didn't bring mine in!

at least my friends though got some! *yeay*  LOL

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by LouAndNic on Jul 12th, 2005, 11:55am
Wow that's some experience you had there - congrats on the front row  ;D ;D

Thanks for sharing all the details with us, we appreciate it :)

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by ShanGooFan on Jul 12th, 2005, 12:18pm
Barb, I'm sooooo glad you guys ended up that close. After all your waiting around AAAAAALLLLLL day in the hot sun you deserved to be right in front. I had a blast hanging out with you Saturday night. I wish we could have hung out more before the show. We looked for you ladies afterward and couldn't find you. We were ready to hang some more since we missed out during the day.

Glad to hear you made it home in one piece albeit frazzled. ;)

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by babsil30 on Jul 12th, 2005, 12:20pm
gosh, there are so many more things that are to do with the concert and i feel as if i've written a novel! LOL

ok, so fair enough, y'all probably didn't want to hear about my travel days, but after all that stuff, front row (eeeeeeeeeee) was soooooo worth it! LOL

oh! side note... john has different shoes now! i actually was watching and saw his foot and said, "OMG, he has green shoes!"  LOL  i wasn't expecting those shoes as i'm used to seeing the black tennies!  

and OMG, the man capris (as my friends and i call them) looked like he just cut 'em every which way! LOL the "hem" was so jagged we were laughing at that!

front row was soooo cool, but i should also let you know that meeting other goobers was soooo fantastic!

our little group got divided by the sun worshipers and the "seeking shade" groups! lol  but OMG, there were so many nice goobers  around!  those that i didn't think were nice, i'm not calling them goobers because they don't qualify! LOL

so to michelle & hubby chris, teri, terri, shannon, laura, kari, erin, julie, darlene & hubby, karen & hubby kevin, amanda (our hotel neighbor LOL), Aimeri (sp??) can i just call ya Amy? LOL  and Sandy.... and.. and..   gosh, i know i'm forgetting a ton of people, but it was soooo great!

OH OH OH OH! sorry Amy or as most of who've watced LIB... the lady upfront with the white tank! i met her! that was so cool! LOL I popped my DVD in and pointed her out to my daughters... i said, 'LOOK! I met her!" they thought that was cool and my youngest said, "how come you didn't ask for her autograph!?'  how sweet is that!? Awww! LOL

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by tripper on Jul 12th, 2005, 4:01pm
Hey!! It was great to meet all of you Saturday. Thanks for letting me crash the party.  Wish I could have brought all of you with me!  Glad you were in front-what did you think of the new shoes?  Pretty green :D

See you next trip!

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by Johns_chick on Jul 12th, 2005, 9:21pm
Wow babsil it sounds like you had an unbeleiveable weekend. I'm even more excited about going to a GOO concert than iwas before. Hopefully if i get close!!!!!!!!!

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by JaniGoo on Jul 13th, 2005, 7:48pm
Thanks for the awesome review Babsil! You had some problems, but everything worked out for ya in the end!The traveling part is always a nightmare! I'm not a good traveler - I would have been flipping! :o

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by goober_1013 on Jul 14th, 2005, 9:22pm
i LOVE your review!  you're like me, can't leave on little detail out cuz they're all important!  thanks for sharing. . . ;D

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by LandofOzGooFan on Jul 15th, 2005, 6:50am
It was great meeting you at the show! You all were too funny, I could see you down front we were up on the little hill right in front of the green!  What a blast!  Peace, Amory aka (Amy).  :)

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by Saz_Goo on Jul 15th, 2005, 7:33am
It sounds like you had a great time (apart from all the travelling...:P)!! Especially with John smiling at you and everything! Thanks for posting your experience for us peeps who couldn't go! :thumbsup:

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by SassyMay on Jul 15th, 2005, 1:47pm
wow sounds like you had quite a weekend Babs!now if i go to a goo conecrt how will i ever know it's one (or more) of you guys form heer or any of the other boards i go to,i don't think i've ever posted my picture here.

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by Silvergirl on Jul 15th, 2005, 2:03pm


WOW what can i say!!!

What a blast!!!  i could have killed to stay in that air conditioned bathroom  (hmmm smells like cinnimon lol)

by golly out group is getting bigger and bigger isn't it
Gotta Love It

i keep getting flashes of the weekend, it hasn;t quite settled into a pattern of events, lol
the "rope run" was fun, i felt like simon says
GO GO GO GO then security says  nope get back (didn't ay simon says)

everyone has their catch phrase of the weekend, i know yours is HI IM BARB lol

mine was Eight Cup Holders,  the little minichure golf thingee w/ the heat zapping my short term memory the poor girl hadn't the chance to ask her trivia question before i had blurted out all the ans i had tried to memorize :D

..........cant wait to do it again

Sassymay~  don't worry barb will find you
                  we all just randomly indroduce ourselves to complete strangers most the time ;D


Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by babsil30 on Jul 19th, 2005, 10:59am

on 07/15/05 at 13:47:19, SassyMay wrote:
wow sounds like you had quite a weekend Babs!now if i go to a goo conecrt how will i ever know it's one (or more) of you guys form heer or any of the other boards i go to,i don't think i've ever posted my picture here.

ROFL.. yeah, don't worry.. like Teri said.. we just kind of all went up to complete stranges!  There's where the.. "HI! I'm Barb" comes in!  LOL

besides.. you go to a goo concert you know you're going to talk about it before hand.. and we can always suggest a place to meet before the concert!

it just so happened A LOT of goobers stayed at the sucky Dearborn Quality Inn! LOL  

:woohoo:  I wanna do it again! LOL

-Babs  :D

Title: Re: My Gooey Weekend!
Post by hereisgone591 on Jul 19th, 2005, 12:24pm
Ahhh thatss awesome!!

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