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(Message started by: PolishGuysKickButt on Jul 11th, 2005, 4:46pm)

Title: dearborn show
Post by PolishGuysKickButt on Jul 11th, 2005, 4:46pm
:Dhey guys.

i'm new here. i finally decided to join after making millions of trips here. i had a blast at the show last night. i got burnt head to toe. even my scalp. i tell ya it hurts. but, worth it. they came out, and everybody went nuts. i was right in front at the right of the stage. so, you could imagine my reaction when i got to see john and robby up close for my first show in the whole 8 years. one of the police women was pluggint her ears. while the other, was singing with them. lol. someone made a banner saying they were from miami and it was their birhtday. and john's like, shouldn't we be clapping or something? lol. there was a fan next to me that had that moon like picture from the back of abng tattooed in blue and orange on her shoulder. with a signature of john and a star. which, was cool. she also had an earing that was made out of goo guitar pics. really neat. and a lady behind me that was ticked because john signed her kids cast and forgot to give something of theirs back. i don't know. and said she wanted it back. she was a cussing when they came out. oh, well. it's just one fan out everyone right? lol. anyways, we sang to every song that they played with no misread lyric. it was awesome. then, john started to play name, and had to stop in the middle of it because he forgot he had to go to the bathroom before the show started. lol. the woman next to me tried to get me to wave my cardboard fan in the air that asked him #1 or #2? for fun. and i cuoldn't do it. so, she took it, and did it herself. and he saw it. just laughed and smiled at it. it was funny. i snatched that thing back. lol. unfortunately, i forgot it in my friend's van when she dropped my off later. and the sad part, she lives in ohio. so, i e-mailed her and told her to mail it back. lol. anyways, they were throwing out guitar pics, and john gave us a light shower with his water bottle. there was black balloons during black balloon of course. the band looked great. i couldn't see mike cause the stage was set way up. and he was in back. john was wearing his camaflauge cargo's, a pair of green sneakers, a white tank, and a button up short sleeved black shirt over it. wearing his cross necklace with a pair of sunglasses. he's like, sorry it's taking so long for the new record. and we're all like, it's okay. someone threw a bag of hershey's candy onstage with a note on it. i'm thinking maybe it was a song request. cause, he read it, and was like okay. we can do that. and started playing. of course, he did that little solo part during cuz you're gone. and give a little bit for the encore. robby was wearing a brown shirt i think. with yellow on the front. i never did make out what it said on it. and his hair is back to just the red highlights in it. he so rocked. kicked up a storn, and smiling all over the place. it was great. well, that's all i can remember. oh, hey. if anyone that went besides me. if ya got any pics or got a chance to record the show, would there be any chance you could send me some copies my way? i brought my tape recorder. but, i chickened out at the last minute of getting caught. but, i was wrong. damn i wish i took it with me. lol. later.


Title: Re: dearborn show
Post by PolishGuysKickButt on Jul 11th, 2005, 5:28pm
oops!!! sorry. there's like a whole bucnch of dearborn pics in the gallery section on the absolutegoo website. and robby's shirt was grey not brown. sorry.


Title: Re: dearborn show
Post by babsil30 on Jul 11th, 2005, 8:10pm
OMG! you had to be standing right there with me because that's where i was!!!!!!

i had on the turquoise (light at the top, dark on the bottom) halter & white shorts!  

When John threw his guitar pic, it was for my friend Erin! She had a sign asking for one and he flicked to her!

it was so awesome! the show was fantastic! funny at times! I get a silly face out of Robby that just made me giggle & smile all the more! LOL

I'll post more later, as I just got home about 10 minutes ago! LOL

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