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(Message started by: Silvergirl on Jan 2nd, 2005, 5:51pm)

Title: Whew....I'm home
Post by Silvergirl on Jan 2nd, 2005, 5:51pm
well everyone

what a New Years!!!
tired....sore.. but was it worth it

Hell Ya ;D

I met a lot of really cool people and ALL OF YOU ROCK lol
you all know who you are, posters and lurkers alike
made up some new catch phrases for the year
" buffalo! you still in here???"
"somethings going on , I feel it in my gut"
and boy did she ever!
" i got a pill for that"

I tried to call everyone that i had promised, some numbers went through and some i hard time with
so i apologize to those that didn't get the call
i really did try!

i even got busted on the the 30th show when i went back from the rail to get my phone, I was ordered to
stay at my i made my calls then ;)

and yes by the grace of goo, i made it back
and another goober(Thank You) even gave me her spot at the rail for a couple of songs and Robby chucked me a pick.

after that show...well we all were very fortunate

the 31st was filled w/ adventure, starting my morning
with a mess on my cell!  monique you lucky dog you ;D
and you have a great memory btw
colleen~ no stores carry little bottles of alcohol :wtf:
and the lobby

Chris(googette) MOVE (lol)  memories of the lobby
going up girls???

Laura~ sorry all eyes on me wasn't clear

and wow this is getting too long huh guys, so i will end
saying....Next show
Lets all Do It Again :party:


Title: Re: Whew....I'm home
Post by MoRzeznik4Me on Jan 2nd, 2005, 6:38pm
Hey Girl!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear you got home safely! Your quite the lucky dog too! ;) I'm never going to be able to Thank You enough!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Title: Re: Whew....I'm home
Post by DownstateGoo on Jan 2nd, 2005, 7:09pm
Hi Roomie! I made it home....forgot to let you know!! But I did check in with my mom which will allow me to live and see another show.  (Yes Goobers, at 32, I still have to check in) And I won't tell yours that you didn't eat anything on Friday.  ;)

Thanks again for everything! I never would have met the guys if not for you letting me bunk with you - I can't thank you enough!! I dropped my film off this afternoon and hopefully will have it in a few days. So to all you other ladies in the Greg photo, I'll have it soon!

Next show we WILL find a store with those little bottles. heehee And yes, the lobby. "They're leaving. It was a decoy. Don't get up though - don't let them know we were looking for John".  ;D

Thanks again buddy!!!

Title: Re: Whew....I'm home
Post by SuzieGoo on Jan 2nd, 2005, 7:46pm
Hey girl, glad you got home safe.    ;)

Happy New Year!   :tongueelf:

~ Suz

Title: Re: Whew....I'm home
Post by gutterdog on Jan 2nd, 2005, 8:31pm
Hi Teri,
Glad you made it home - it must have been a LONG drive! It was a long flight - got back at midnight!

It was great meeting you guys (hey Colleen!) What a great "two days in December". :rockin:

Can't wait for the new album!
Happy New Year! Eva  :)

Title: Re: Whew....I'm home
Post by american_girl on Jan 3rd, 2005, 8:47am
Hey Teri!
thanks for the phone call!
I was a little confused at first because the number on my phone wasn't yours or any other Goo person I knew, but thanks anyway! You girls rock!
Naked and Here is Gone!
:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:
glad you guys had a great time! talk to you later!
Happy Goo Year to all!

Title: Re: Whew....I'm home
Post by Livyanna on Jan 3rd, 2005, 12:21pm
Hey Teri!!
  Thanks for the phone calls and getting me to the front.  Julie McCoy does her job wonderfully!!!  You are like the Goo fairy of happiness!!!


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