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(Message started by: Girlgupe on Jul 6th, 2004, 6:33pm)

Title: My review of the 4th of July concert
Post by Girlgupe on Jul 6th, 2004, 6:33pm
I would call the concert  'Goo-Stock'!!!  It poured like I have never seen!  Unreal!  They literally used mops to clear the stage.  We all stood in over the ankle puddles, Finally got dry and it started pouring again!!  Johnny jinxed us when he said the rain stopped...cause it just started all over again...we are not talking about regular rain, we are talking about hurricane winds and rain coming from every direction, I even almost lost my contacts!  We all were drenched from head to toe, My fingers were like Prunes!!!   My brand new umbrella was in pieces when I left!

But the show was amazing, All the songs we wanted to hear, 1,000 words & a lot of their beginner hits.  I was surprised that they didn't sing American Girl, being the 4th of July, but the Supertramp cover was awesome....'Give a little bit, Give a little bit of your love to me...'

At the end they blew red, white & blue confetti all over us, and it just stuck to everything - the stage, the audience, our clothes, our was an experience that is so hard to explain....

Then the rain stopped and the fireworks went on, low though, probably cause of the rain- and a lot of people got hot flakes of the fireworks in their eyes, and all over them...I had burn marks all over my shirt I was holding up to cover with.  As the fireworks went on, the camera crew still taped us, they played a ton of great songs during the fireworks, like American Pie, John Mellancamp's 'Ain't this America', all a ton of songs that related to America, like Neil Diamond's 'We're coming to America'.

I felt real bad to the people that had to clean up after...what a mess...I saw one shoe here and one shoe there...lots of shirts, and cups crushed, blankets left behind, a ton of wet cigarette packs full to boot, but all drenched!  I hope my other pics come out, my camera's were all soaked...My 35 mm camera is totally dead...My cell phone works though, surprising enough....

Took pics of Johnny's ex...his nephew's kids, the guys who were 'in charge' of it all.  Including Tony Bongiovanni, who said the show will go on rain or shine, even though it was supposed to be rescheduled to Monday if it rained.....I suppose it took them all night and all day yesterday to get the mess cleared and City Hall up and running again.  Some City Counciler borrowed my black marker to write on a pizza box which windows to black out while the show was going on, cause the stage was set up on City Hall, and the lighting lit up City Hall as if it were daytime.  I never got my marker back, but that's ok...

The security guards in the front row, were so nice to let us jump over the barricades to go tinkle, and stop the fight over Johnny's wet t-shirt he threw into the audience...Johnny & Robby also threw 2 towels out into the audience after they dried their hair!   One guy was even 'carried' through the audience as if it were a mosh scooped him up and sent him on his way..I hope he didnít' lose a good seat cause of it...

But all in all, we stuck it out!  I was downtown while they were setting up shop and met a lot of the Union Stage hands, One imparticluar 'Kaz' who was also at the Convention Center....Thanks for a great time Kaz,  and for letting me know what was happening behind the scenes.  I will definitely look you up when I come back to Buffalo!!

Just happen to be at the right place at the right time as Johnny & Robby were called down to the site to check everything out,  they were there for a whole 10 minutes or so...I had my pic taken with them & chatted about how amazing the set looked.  They were really excited about the show.  

I will post my pics on the googoodollsmidwestfans group in an album later on..I saw them setting up the stage from beginning to end.  From the light show being tested, showing 'the goo goo dolls' on the Statler Tower bldg...OMG, I have so many pics of all The Goo's hot spots, etc...

The best part of the show to me was watching Johnny and Robby sliding across the stage as if it were a waterslide...they were having fun!  They really appreciated us sticking it out!  

I will never forget of the best experience's with The Goo's I have had!  Dina   :)

Title: Re: My review of the 4th of July concert
Post by True2Goo on Jul 6th, 2004, 6:45pm
:nanner: :cucumber: :pepper: That's so cool, hope to see your pics soon! :woohoo:

Title: Re: My review of the 4th of July concert
Post by Girlgupe on Jul 6th, 2004, 6:53pm
I will post the pics on an online album through the yahoo group googoodollsmidwestfans & slideintogoo..Should be up by tomorrow the latest!! :gflower:

Title: Re: My review of the 4th of July concert
Post by JaniGoo on Jul 7th, 2004, 8:01am
Great review, Dina, thanks for posting it! Sounds like a night you will never forget!  :thumbsup:

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