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(Message started by: JohnnyGooJovi on Jul 6th, 2004, 4:09am)

Title: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by JohnnyGooJovi on Jul 6th, 2004, 4:09am
Hey everyone! This might be a little long, so skim if ya want but here goes....

Okay, I just got back about an hour ago after driving 12 hours to get home to Illinois from Buffalo. Long drive there and back, but it was worth every single second. It was me (i'm 17) my older sister and my best friend. I'll start on the day of the show. We waited in line to get in the square for over 2 hours. They opened the gates around 4 and it was a MAD dash to get to the stage. Everyone was running like crazy. Somehow, by some miracle me my sister christie and my friend deanna end up 2nd row dead center. it really couldn't get any better. we were packed in like sardines and we buckled down cuz we knew we'd be standing there for a VERY long time. But we met the people around us and they were really nice. One girl named jill even went out to get water bottles for everyone around her. Awesome. and a shout out to SilverGirl (I believe that's your WOG name) You're awesome and it was fun to meet a felllow wog'er. anyway...3 hours later the first act is up. He was great, and it rained a little during his set. Then we waited and Ani came out. She was awesome and it rained so hard for her they had to shut down for a while. She came back ouy finished, and it stoppped raining. they cleared the stage. after a very very long wait the guy comes out reads the paper that talked about them filming and said the guys would be out real soon. FINALLY at about 9:45 the lights go out and bam! out come the goos. I almost died. I had been really close my last concert, about 5th row in front of robby. that was great. but this time, i was 2nd row right in front of johnny. he was like 5 feet away from me most of the flippin show! It was unreal. They looked great and sounded AMAZING!! the crowd overall was pretty good. And the people around me were just unbelievably nice and protective. the crowd surfing got old QUICK but whatever, i was enjoying the show. I was taking a helluva lot of pics, so was my sister. in the beggining he whipped off his black button up to reveal a black wife beater. yummy. but johnny had a little sunburn of his upper chest. he needed lotion... : ;) sorry. where was i? oh yeah, robby looked awesome with the red hair with the blue and prpl in it. very cool. mike was rocking out. at one point this ASS and his girlfriend shoved their way up to the fron barreling ppl over. he almost knocked me down and i yelled at him "what the fu**!!?" he then said "what's your fu**ing problem?" and I was all "YOU'RE my fu**ing problem!!" no joke, i thought he was gonna pound me and that'd be bad cuz i'm small and short and he was a lot bigger. but whatever, he and his g/f got kicked out. Go security!! It will continue....

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by JohnnyGooJovi on Jul 6th, 2004, 4:09am
Anyway a little while later johnny was reading posters. He brought one on stage that said "Polish guys kick ass" he thought that was funny. Then he was reading one about some ladies driving from kansas. So i figure, hmmm i should whip out my poster, since he's in such a poster answering mood. My was about a 12X12 inch BRIGHT yellow poste that said in big black painted bold letters "BOXERS OR BRIEFS?" I did that one last year in springfield and he had said "neither." this time however...I had had it up for like 30 seconds maybe and all the nice ppl around me were waving and pointing at the poster to get johnny's attention cuz they were really nice and they wanted him to answer mine. Johnny all the sudden says into the mike for all to hear "Boxers or Briefs?" (he was reading the poster out loud) and it took me a split second to realize he had just read my poster and was staring at me from above5 feet away...he looked like he pondered the question for a sec, as if it was a real deep question.then finished by saying "Today...nothing"!!!!!or something very similar to that!! AHHHH I was so flippin happy and all the ladies around me and in the audience went wild. It was a great moment. I hope to God that makes the DVD! Then it started to rain, but we were already soaked. Johnny was slidin all over the stage and right in front of us HE WHIPS OFF HIS SHIRT TO REVEAL THE BEST UPPER MALE BODY EVER!!Oh his chest! oh, the abs! That image is burned my mind FOREVER it was the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. EVER! he looked very trim and taut and hard and sexy and..sorry. I've gone and drooled all over meself. Anyway later on they played during tsunami style rain for us cuz the love was ther in large doses. It was about the best night of my life. they sounded awesome espicially on Name, 2 days, think about me and robby rocked my (soaked) socks off. It was fantastic!! Ah, Johnny spoke to me......I'll have happy dreams forever. Oh, and all that weren't there, if you EVER get a chance to see johnny soaking wet, take it. It's the best.  ;)peace y'all. SORRY bout the length, i was just so excited!!!

Tracy aka "Boxers or Briefs?" girl lol ;D :D ;) :)

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by babsil30 on Jul 6th, 2004, 8:47am

on 07/06/04 at 04:09:56, JohnnyGooJovi wrote:
Johnny was slidin all over the stage and right in front of us HE WHIPS OFF HIS SHIRT TO REVEAL THE BEST UPPER MALE BODY EVER!!Oh his chest! oh, the abs!

holy freakin cow! LOL  ok, where's the picture of THAT?  LOL

thank you so much for sharing your story!  sounds like the guys and fans had a fantastic time!!!


I'm from Illinois too!!!!!  :D

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by SupaGoo on Jul 6th, 2004, 8:57am
hey I must have been right near you too! I was the short one with the grey sweatshirt and no poncho...I think I was next to your sister in the 2nd row...

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by JaniGoo on Jul 6th, 2004, 9:15am
Thanks for your review, Tracy! Sounds like you had the best view of all! That's cool that John acknowledged your poster! Hope it gets on the DVD!!

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by howGOOdamI on Jul 6th, 2004, 9:23am
HEY!!! I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO YOU GUYS!  Who is the one who had the black balloon, kissing it? LOL The animal cracker girl...LOL

Someone promised me her website for those pics...I forgot to get it in the excitement to leave.  

I'm sorry we didn't share names lol but it was fun rocking out with you and torturing the squeegee guy! LOL

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by JohnnyGooJovi on Jul 6th, 2004, 1:51pm
that's awesome, and torturing the squegee guys was fun. they liked it, though. It was funny cuz they were getting yelled at to whip off thier we were desperate for some action. but then again, 7 hours of standing will do that.
tracy :)

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by True2Goo on Jul 6th, 2004, 2:08pm
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: That's AWESOME!!

Title: Re: My Buffalo Show Review ;)
Post by BFLOg00gurl2oo on Jul 6th, 2004, 2:16pm
whoa.. where was i when the boxers or briefs thing happened? i totally didn't hear that! lol... damn
i think you may have been right near me... i was next to the girl who came from kansas (the one with the sign)...and i remember the girl named jill.. i had on the red here is gone shirt and was with a couple of friends.. how weird!

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