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(Message started by: MBMGrand on Jul 1st, 2004, 4:07pm)

Title: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by MBMGrand on Jul 1st, 2004, 4:07pm
Hey everyone! I just got back from my trip to Buffalo for the concert last night! I saw a few other people posted about their experiences, but I thought I'd post mine too just so I can add to everyone's excitement for this Sunday!

My mom and I went to the event together, and while in line we met a girl from Canada named Allyson, who I don't think posts here, but she was really nice. We also met Sara, Linda, and a few other people with them (sorry I don't remember everyone's name). Inside I also met up with Susan, who introduced me to Sharon, Elise, Charisma, and a few other people who's names I also can't remember right now.(sorry!)

When we got up to do our group picture (I was in group #4), Robby and John were hugging everyone as they walked up to them. Unfortunately, as soon as I was gonna get my hugs, some guy pushed me and said "go all the way over there, to Mike." I was pissed but I did as told, and I got to sit next to Mike and chat with him. I told him that my last name (pronounced Michaels) is the same as his first name, and he said "wow, really? That's cool!" :D My mom got a kick out of that when I told her.

After the pictures they handed out pre-signed album flats and promo pictures, and I took my place right in front of Robby's mic, about 3 people back. I'd never been so close! I was feeling a little disappointed about not being able to have them sign the stuff we brought. But then Sara (ColoradoGoo) told me that John was signing autographs. I was nervous, but I decided to go over and fight the huge crowd. I got up there just as he was about to leave, and he signed something for me and I took a couple of pictures (which, by the way, should be done at Rite Aid by now) and I was so excited to be so close to him! He is so gorgeous in person, and at first I thought I'd be totally nervous, but when I got up to him he was so sweet I wasn't nervous at all!

Then I got back to my place and the show started a little while later. They played 16 songs (for a setlist, someone typed one on the other post) It was really cute because these fans gave Robby a blanket which had pictures and messages written on it. He draped it over himself, and then I think he and Jason were pretending to bullfight with it! :hahaha: He is so awesome! For me, Tucked Away was by far the best song since the crowd was really into it and singing along and Robby seemed so excited! After the concert, Susan (AGirlNamedSue) introduced me to Robby's parents, who were so sweet! They were very friendly to all of us. Then we had to leave since my mom was real tired from standing.

To sum it all up, it was the best night of my life! It was so much fun to meet the guys as well as numerous people from the boards (a big hello to everyone who was there!) I hope everyone who is going on the 4th has lots of fun, I send you all best wishes for a GOO-reat time!

-Mary Beth

EDIT: sorry this is so long, I didn't realize until I posted it!

Title: Re: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by Dances with Goo on Jul 1st, 2004, 5:42pm
Mary Beth...don't apologize for the story being long~ we love to read this stuff! I'm glad you had a wonderful time.
Maybe that guy pushed you over towards Mike because he figured Mike needed a hug. :dunno:
It sounds like it was a great night.

Title: Re: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by AGirlNamedSue on Jul 1st, 2004, 5:43pm
:nanner: was awesome to see you...even if we had to "bop" your mom on her head with a poster to get your attention.....

Title: Re: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by ShanGooFan on Jul 1st, 2004, 6:35pm
MBM, I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. I was standing right by Sara too. We must have been right by you. I was the short one with the curly brown hair. We were the ones who passed Robby the banner. Country made it. It was an encapsulation of their 16 years together as a group. She had pics of them from the past 16 years and all their album covers too. She then had anyone interested to sign it. She hand made the whole thing and it was beautiful. I got a pic of Robby wearing it like a cape. I'm gonna cross my fingers that it turned out. I'll be picking up my pics in about 15 minutes and I'll post them as soon as I can.

Title: Re: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by Kristinagoo on Jul 1st, 2004, 7:47pm
How did I miss all of you girls? I was 2 rows back right in front of John. I had no idea who was there, and anyone I asked said that they don't come on this board. My phone was acting bizarre so I couldn't call anyone either.  It was such an awesome night. I made the guys my music themed chocolates and gave it to them. I got a big hug from John and got to sit next to him for awhile. He is so sweet and nice and GORGEOUS!

Ladies, he also smells great!!! LOL I thought I was going to pass right out when he put his arm around me. Considering I am 35, I felt like a teenager since I could barely talk to him (no offense to the teens!) I did get to chat with Mike for awhile by the bar, he is a sweetheart too. I can't believe they were just hanging out by the bar for the longest time talking to everyone. Of course, did I ask for a picture? NO! I don't know what was wrong with me!

The concert sounded awesome. I took three rolls of film, and now I am totally crying because basically none of them came out due to security NOT letting us use a flash. I would have had the best pictures ever, right in front of John. UUUUUG! Robby does make the best faces too and I had taken a ton of pictures of him.

I hope I can meet some of you on the 4th!


Title: Re: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by True2Goo on Jul 1st, 2004, 8:23pm
All of your stories are so exciting! Bet you're all floating on cloud 9 still  :daydream: I remember last year when I met them, and I was feeling the same way.  :love:

Title: Re: My Intimate Concert Review
Post by goocreed on Jul 1st, 2004, 8:49pm
It was better than I ever expected!  I too lost my words when I got close to them but managed to say hi and thanks after the group picture.  I did get to kneel behind John for the photo and had my hand on his shoulder.(Heart racing of course)  I have always wanted to touch his hair but I was so damn nervous being that close that the thought never crossed my mind until the drive home.  After  having our photo taken with the band we went directly to the stage I was front row on John's side.  Priceless!!!!! The concert was awesome and they filmed segments for the DVD.  Towards the end of the show the camera man came right up in front of the stage to film.  I am sure he got some great shots of all of them, esp. John.  Then the camera all of a sudden was directly in my face while I was singing along.  Let's hope that gets cut for all our sakes, ha ha.  As John left the stage I was able to grab his hand and got a big smile...I hardly slept the whole night thinking about what a great time it was.  Can't wait for the 4th!!!!!

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