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   WPB review & pics
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   Author  Topic: WPB review & pics  (Read 1813 times)
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WPB review & pics
« on: Aug 5th, 2007, 7:03pm »
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Ok....so where do I start?
Everyone already knows that I won the passes to the soundcheck.  That went by entirely too fast.  2-1/2 songs, and a quick m&g pic.  Not to mention that I saw that my supposedly third row seat was actually front row!!!  After our pics we had to leave until it was time for the gates to open.  
We walked back into the ampitheater while Colbie Callait was on.  She was ok...just not my cup of tea.  We had met her and her band earlier in the day before heading into the soundcheck....they're all really nice!
Lifehouse was up next...and all I can say is WOW.  I had seen them a few years back when they played with Matchbox Twenty, and I remembered them being great...but this time, they were even better.  During "First Time" Jason came down into the crowd...and gave me a quick hug (I was the only one where I was sitting that seemed to know the words to all of the new songs).  He ran through and was giving everyone around a high five....went to the back of the lower level and hung back there for a few minutes before getting back up on stage.  Their set was over entirely too soon.
After Lifehouse, my friend and I were asking security about being allowed to go up to the rail, and he told us that Goo security had requested that noone stands at the rail because apparently at a previous show there were people throwing bottles at them (does anyone know about this?).  So we were bummed....but after a few more minutes, we were informed that the front row was allowed to go to the rail...WOOHOO.  Unfortunately, they were only letting those in the front row of the center section up, and they were checking tickets...so I had to go back to my seat.  But I complained to another security person....so she walked away for a minute, came back, and told me I was allowed up too!!!  Score!  I was in one of the perfect spots!  Not right in the middle, but off to the side.  
So the Goos came on a little after 9....rockin out to "Long Way Down".....I was in heaven!!!  I can't remember the set list to save my life...all I remember is that during soundcheck John had said they were doing setlist B...which I later found out was the one that did not have "Cuz You're Gone", so I was a little bummed about that since that's my favorite song!  But we did get to hear "Naked"...which was really great as well.  I'm still in awe at getting to hear "Slave Girl"...Robby sounded awesome!  There was a lot of "J**** C***** it's hot out here!" coming out of John's mouth....what did he expect?  It's Florida in August  LOL.  But the guys were very animated, and seemed like they were having a great time.  Of course almost 2 hours just went by so quickly....their show always leaves you wanting so much more!  I wish I had been able to go to Tampa last night as well...but hopefully next tour I'll be able to hit more shows.  Finally got my pics uploaded...ENJOY!
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Re: WPB review & pics
« Reply #1 on: Aug 6th, 2007, 10:14am »
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Thanks for the review Melissa. I'm so happy for you that you ended up with the soundcheck/meet and greet AND front row. It was definitely your show!  
Thanks for uploading all your pics. I LOVE the one of Lifehouse that also has the sky and palm trees in the background. Being from the north I get so much pleasure from the sight of a palm tree...it just makes me happy Cheesy
I see John took his sweatshirt off for the show. Wink
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