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   Charlotte,NC review
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   Author  Topic: Charlotte,NC review  (Read 790 times)
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Charlotte,NC review
« on: Aug 30th, 2006, 6:23pm »
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Here's my review that I just copied from my myspace blog.
Well lets see...the ride there was pretty long(to me anyway since I hate long car rides) and after the first half hour I became really annoyed with the whole thing but it was for Goo so I'm not complaining....We didn't win a M&G this time. Sad I really wish we would have...But we did follow the M&G winners to the gate where they were being escorted to the band but they closed the gate on us but we peeked through holes and cracks in the gate and were able to see the band.  And my mom and I just started crying...and the fact that we knew we couldn't go back there made it worse...but that's ok, I've met them and I had so much fun doing it.  When we got our tickets it said we were in row G which is 7th row...it could have been worse but our seats at Raleigh were wayyy better. But I still had fun at the show and we made signs this time, which we should have done at Raleigh since we were closer to the band, our signs said "How Do You Make Your Husband Jealous?(flip over) Fall in Love With a Polish Guy"<----John Rzeznik is Polish in case you dont get it, "Southern Girls Are As Sweet as Their Tea"<---They really love sweet tea now, and "Please dedicate "Become" to us"<---Stupid us, we held it up during "Feel the Silence. lol whoops.  But we held it up when they started playing "Become" but it was a little too late...oh well.  I did get a few smiles from Robby and Johnny, I was a little too far back for Mike to even see me.  Here's the set list...
1.Stay With You
3.Feel the Silence
4.Black Balloon
6.Tucked Away(LOVE this song live)
7.We'll Be Here(When You're Gone)
the next song I've got says "Listen" but I dont remember them playing that one..but the whole thing went so fast so they could have..not sure though...
12.January Friend
13.Better Days
14.Give a Little Bit
15.Let Love In
I dont think these songs are in the right order but who cares? lol.  
We held up our "How do you make your husband jealous?" sign up and Johnny did say "gimme that" but the stupid Counting Crows fans in front of us wouldn't even turn around and even make an effort to grab the damn sign.  So Johnny just moved onto something else.  Sad oh well, but remember the thing about the signs..its an important part to the story later on...Johnny was talking about how good the crowd was and then said something about he came dressed casually and said it was "too hot for a fucken fashion show."  The show was awesome though except for I had to keep looking around the guy in front of me, who was obviously a CC fan because him and the girl he was with just kept sighing and turning around and getting shitty looks on their faces like it was just boring them to death and the girl kept giving me dirty looks when I would scream. I wanted to take my water bottle and hit her upside the head.  But after the show we left our seats and went around back to the gate where the M&G winners were escorted before the show.  We stood there for awhile just talking and hanging out with the security guards who worked for the Ampitheater and then the "famous" Security Mike walked by and we asked him if he would please take our signs backstage and give them to the band since they didn't really acknowledge them during the show. And he said he'd try and then while we were waiting for him to come back we met Neil Browning, Johnny's cook we also met him in Raleigh really nice guy,  we met Eliot Morris the opening artist we got his attention and he came over to us, shook all of our hands and asked our names, thanked us for coming out and told us to help spread the word. Then a little bit later Security Mike and Brad Furnquist(backup guitarist) came by the gate, Brad was letting in some people he knew and we shouted his name through the gate and peeked in at him and said hi but he looked a little shocked, I guess because someone recognized him...I dont think he said anything back though.  Finally, we had to ask Security Mike if they ever got the signs and he said that he gave them to Robby and he was reading them when he left. Smiley)))))))) So that made us really happy. But overall I think Raleigh was definitely the better show, not because of their performance, the performance was awesome but it was because I got to meet the band and it was my first show, I was 3rd row center...But I had fun at Charlotte...But I was really tired and by the time we left our seats my legs were so stiff I could barely walk...As soon as we got back to the hotel I got in my pjs and crashed....I didn't get any merchandise from this show. Sad but I do have my ticket and I got a little flyer advertising the Inner Machine so I guess that's a little something.  Concert pics to come...
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Re: Charlotte,NC review
« Reply #1 on: Sep 2nd, 2006, 10:19am »
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Thanks for the detailed review. I don't know how I missed this initially. I'm so glad to hear you and your mom had another great show to see.
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Re: Charlotte,NC review
« Reply #2 on: Sep 2nd, 2006, 8:22pm »
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Why are they not playing Listen or Strange love?
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