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(Message started by: LouAndNic on Feb 21st, 2005, 7:06am)

Title: Update: Win a copy of GALB promo cd single!
Post by LouAndNic on Feb 21st, 2005, 7:06am
Hey everyone :)

This isn't quite the launch we'd planned but we're probably gonna have to be offline for a day or so and wanted to get this up a.s.a.p.

Basically, some UK fans have been working on launching a "Give A Little Bit" campaign where everybody that sends in 3 requests to UK radio or tv (and then e-mails with who they've e-mailed - i.e dj / radio station / e-mail address) will be put into a draw to win a copy of the promo single - a single that's not being released and will be great for the collection!

We'll draw the first prize winner on Monday 28th February - each person can send in their details every day to stand more chance of winning (and of course to help with the Goo requests!)

Absolute Goo did a similar chart push for GALB in America and the track has obviously done really well over there. Hopefully this will help the band over here in the UK and also give you all a chance to win a cd that's not going to be released here.

For ideas of where to request, please check out and the "help the Goos" page - Virgin Radio ( , Radio 2 ( Harris) and all regional radio would be a good bet. According to an article posted here on WoG earlier in the week (which we think came from Music Week), GALB was the 3rd biggest grower on UK radio last week!!! Fantastic news but we've got to keep it up.

Fellow UK Goo fan Lea (RogueUK) has designed a really cool graphic for us which can be used as a signature if ya want too - as soon as we can get back on-line we'll bring you that.

Please help guys - Give A Little Bit, Give A Little Bit of your time for Goo...

Lou & Nic

Title: Re: Win a copy of GALB promo cd single!
Post by LouAndNic on Feb 23rd, 2005, 6:23am
Just a quick message to say thanks to those of you that are voting  ;D

A fellow UK Goo fan posted on our board this week that....

"GGD - Give A Little Bit has been added to playlists around the country including by the Music Radio group ( which controls upto 50 stations around the country. It is also being used as the backing music on Severn Sound FM's new promo campaign"

Isn't that great?!!  :nanner: :nanner: :nanner: :nanner:

We'll be drawing the first winner on Monday so there's still time to help requesting and possible win something for yourself too.  We can't get into our website hosting at the moment which means that we can't post the lovely banner that Lea (RogueUK) made - Lea, if you're reading, feel free to post it here yourself - everyone should see your hard work   :)

Take care


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