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   Robby's latest blog for The Comet!
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   Author  Topic: Robby's latest blog for The Comet!  (Read 199 times)
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Robby's latest blog for The Comet!
« on: May 3rd, 2011, 5:32pm »
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Exclusive: Robby Takac Pays Homage to the US Troops
The Goo Goo Dolls’ Robby Takac blogs from the road with the Goo Goo Dolls and recalls a tour the band did for the US troops abroad.
Hey Comet Visitors,
Back on your screen here with another blog update from my travels. Hope you’ve been well. We’ve been doing college dates around the Midwest with the band for the past few weeks. Interesting shows, our usual crowd demo ranges from the kid who learned about us in mom’s womb to the parents of the mom who learned about us while the kid was in the womb (did u follow that?). But these college tours are different, the age ranges tend to be a bit more between 18-23, and although we see many of these folks at our regular dates, the concentration of this age group is pretty high for sure.
We have had different openers as the tour rolls on this run including Vanessa Carlton and Mike Posner among others. We just did one of the aforementioned shows with Vertical Horizon on the bill and they had mentioned they were headed over to Iraq to do some shows for the troops. We were sitting in catering before the show chatting about their upcoming trip (it will be their second), when a large group of student volunteers were gathering in the hallway outside of catering readying for a “football shot” with the band as we were headed out of the dining room. After having that conversation about doing military tours and seeing all of these 18-24 year olds lined up for their picture it got me thinking about a tour Goo Goo Dolls did of military bases back between the “unofficial wars” in Iraq.
We performed on the deck of The USS Kennedy for the troops, in a foxhole/venue in Bosnia and stopped at many other bases around the globe, it was an incredible experience. One thing really struck me, it was amazing how young all of these people were scattered over the globe in the US military, still in the process of growing up while bravely fighting for the interests of their country. We got a tour of the ship, were welcomed with open arms into their world, we even made (and enjoyed) some chicken wings with them right on the ship! Now with a third war in the beginning phases and what seems to be chronic unrest in that very same region, I just hope that the people in charge realize the folks we’re sending out to take care of these “conflicts” are real people, young people like the ones lined up in front of me at Tennessee Technical University, with potentially bright futures, families and people who love them back home. After all, that’s why they’re in the military in the first place, for the safety and comfort of those very same people they’ve left behind. It’s just nuts.
My family just had our first dose of the “reality” of this situation, I won’t go into details here, but I just really, really hope the people who are in charge of sending these brave men and women into harm’s way realize the far reaching cost of just a single life, or the life altering course a serious injury can make on one’s life. Sometimes it seems like they might not be paying all that much attention. And good luck to our friends in Vertical Horizon as they go to try to make a little bright spot for the soldiers in Iraq.
OK…and how about making another bright spot for our friends back home?
Goo Goo Dolls just announced a bigsSummer tour coming up soon with Michelle Branch and the band Parachute. We’ll be making our way around the USA for a few months doing the amphitheater run we’ve been having so much fun with over the past 15 years as our “Something for the Rest of Us” tour winds its way around the globe. Check www.googoodolls.com for all the info you may need to make it out to one of the shows!
Hope y’all have a great month, and I hope we get to see some of you this summer ! Talk at you next month here in The Comet.
http://thecomet.com/posts/exclusive_robby_takac_pays_homage_to_the_us_tr oops
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