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   galb in uk/ireland
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   Author  Topic: galb in uk/ireland  (Read 301 times)

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galb in uk/ireland
« on: Jan 20th, 2005, 6:56am »
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ok, I'm from Ireland but I'm pretty sure the situation is the same. My friend heard 'give a little bit' played on an Irish radio station 2fm and the dj said it was a great song, sure to be another hit. She heard it on the 26th of december and I've been listening to his show since with no luck.  
As regards the 'live in Buffalo' cd and dvd, I ordered the dvd from amazon.com and it arrived the next week.
I work in a music shop and i checked our music database for any info on the live cd. It is going to be available on import by the 21st of January but will probably be very expensive since its on import. I've ordered my copy and am working this weekend so I will check on its status. If any one wants anymore info one whats available, just let me know.
Hope this helps!!
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Ah, men!!!
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Re: galb in uk/ireland
« Reply #1 on: Jan 20th, 2005, 10:23am »
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Thanks for letting us know girlnamedgrace, that's great news Smiley
We'd been told that it was going to radio but it's even better news to hear that it's being played.  
We got our copy of LIB from a friend in America and LOVE it!!  Happy listening to you Smiley
Lou & Nic
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