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   Poem for English
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   Author  Topic: Poem for English  (Read 1040 times)
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Poem for English
« on: Apr 18th, 2007, 4:27pm »
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My homework was to write a poem, in iambic pentameter, based on a poem called 'My Last Duchess' by Browning...so unless people know the original poem, I wouldn't expect them to understand this one, just thought I'd post it as it's the first time I've written in this form.
My Last Lament
Oh why, Lord, must I be misconstrued so?
He sees me not but for my beauty, go
Inspect our walls and see it painted there,
But my eyes look wider, my skin so fair.
Frà Pandolf, he records my features now,
But he changes my countenance somehow.
I look unafraid, unexplored… but yet
He paints in lies and hurt, without regret.
I say, ‘Why’s it so, I’m sat here this oft?’
For flowing hair to look so long, and soft…
And you capture my youth so delicate,
With colour and scratches so intricate.  
Does the Duke distrust my desire to stay?
Or am I to escape another way?
I hang so elusively on the walls,
‘But just what for?’ I ask. What purpose calls
Me to be so permanent, in attire
So unrivalled, just scathing this liar.
Does he wish me gone? Does he wish me dead?
Should I leave this world, with all things unsaid?
I laugh. He oversees my well being,
So why are my thoughts so disagreeing?
He acts unto me so cold, so gentle,
Maybe these portraits are sentimental,
To document his Duchess, his lover.
So there’s no reason then, undercover,
For him to betray me now, on this night,
Where I sit, and stay, in forgiving light,
For him to return and hang this portrait.
As I lay, for fulfilling love I wait.
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Re: Poem for English
« Reply #1 on: Apr 18th, 2007, 5:26pm »
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It's been awhile since my last lit class but I remember iambic pentameter. This poem is really good and from what I remember you followed all the rules. Nice job!
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