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(Message started by: Shannon on Jun 8th, 2009, 11:10am)

Title: Keith Urban show in Detroit .... with pics ;)
Post by Shannon on Jun 8th, 2009, 11:10am
Hey everyone! I'm reporting in after Keith Urban's Detroit show Saturday night. Wow...what a night. So I got my tickets from his fan club and they were section CC row 7 seats 1 & 2. So I knew we were going to be up front. But I had no idea if we'd be near the catwalk or the isle. We get there and are ushered to our seats in the FRONT row of the center of the cat walk!!!! Can you friggin' believe it? I almost peed my pants. I've been to many Keith shows but last night was absolutely amazing.

I thought Taylor Swift was okay. I was familiar with some of her radio songs. She's definitely geared to young girls and teens. Her performance was VERY dramatic and theatrical. She spent a lot of time waiting for the crowd's reaction. It just seemed so rehearsed. And very much the opposite of Keith who is just a natural performer.

Keith was unbelievable. He played a nice mix of old and new. He went on right at 9pm and played until about 11:10. He kept saying he wasn't done for the night but a little after eleven I think he was forced to wrap it up. I was told The Palace has a curfew. I was so close I could see up his shirt, up his nose ... you name it. It was quite the experience. One thing I noticed being that close is how much smaller he is than I always thought. He was very, very lean last thin but very toned. He seems bigger than life on the screen. It just hit me last night. I've never met him so I really had no frame of reference. I'm sure he's always been that way but never being close enough I just never noticed.

He went into the crowd to the small stage at the back a couple of times. The hubby and I were on the big screen a couple times during Making Memories of Us. He performed You'll Think of Me right in front of me. I almost died!!!! It was just one of those magical evenings that I'll never forget. Such a surprise to be so close. And despite being pretty crowded up front everyone was very respectful and there wasn't any obnoxious pushers. We were standing right next to Keith's camera guy named Rusty and he was awesome. A really nice guy. He got me a pic off Keith's mic at the end of the show. Near the end of the show Keith put on a Red Wings jersey and announced that they won. That was a huge crowd pleaser here in Hockeytown. He looks so good in his Red Wings jersey! It was just a once in a lifetime night. I'm sure there's so much I'm missing but I just can't put it all into words.

I took tons of pictures ... of course. I didn't edit all of them though. Some of them were repetitive from the same angle (upwards since I'm so I just picked the best ones. I only edited size not quality and only did 3 of Taylor. I have many more but lets be honest ... we all want the Keith pics  Here's the link to my pictures on Shutterfly. Let me know if you can't view them.

If that link doesn't work try this one ....

Title: Re: Keith Urban show in Detroit .... with pics ;)
Post by nmf016 on Jun 8th, 2009, 4:59pm
Very cool.  I love the picture of Keith Urban's leg RIGHT there.  :D

Glad you had such great seats and a great time!!

(The first link doesn't work for me)

Title: Re: Keith Urban show in Detroit .... with pics ;)
Post by Shannon on Jun 8th, 2009, 5:44pm
Ha! I took that picture to demonstrate exactly how close we were. There were no barriers and no security. I could have grabbed him if I'd wanted to. I don't do stuff like that. I find it's intrusive to the artist. I'll put my hand up and if he chooses to grab it it's on his terms. So I took the picture to show how close we were. It was unbelievable really.

Title: Re: Keith Urban show in Detroit .... with pics ;)
Post by sympathy_0 on Jun 9th, 2009, 5:05pm
One of my teachers brothers was asked to play for Keith Urban (Bass). He had just signed with another band though! I forget the other guys name :(

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