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(Message started by: Country on Aug 13th, 2006, 9:32am)

Title: American Idol / Chris fans
Post by Country on Aug 13th, 2006, 9:32am

I pulled up a front row ticket just hours before the show ! :)

I must admit i liked the show way better that i thought i was going to , and i only had 1 beer ! lol

Mandesa opened and sounded better in person . She sang a song with Bucky too . Paris did some dance moves that i didnt think she had in her . She might have stayed on the show longer if she danced like that on idol ! lol
Dont have much to say about the rest of them . Katherine looked very pretty , much more than what you see on tv . On the other hand Kelly was the exact oppisite .
Ace and chris are way better looking in person ! lol
Katherine only sang 2 songs , not sure whats up with that . She said it was the same reason why she wasnt in the first few shows ?
Didnt care for Taylor at all ... and wouldnt u know it that i sat next to the taylor hicks fan club ! lol One even had a soul patrol tattoo .
Speaking of tattoos , we started to talk about them and who did ours . I asked if she knew who Johnny of the Goo Goo Dolls were and she said No ! lol

Ace and Chris were the most personal with the crowd . Chris said he didnt feel well all day . It showed a bit but he seemed to feel better as the night went on . You can really tell that ace and chris are friends . I saw ace look at chris a bunch of times as if to see how he was holding up .. got to love him !

Chris got the loudest applause hands down all night , just like he has all tour .

Most of the idols came down in front and touched all of our hands . Thou Chris was the only one to go BEYOND the front row and shake hands on the side .

Towards the end when all of them were on stage i gave Chris my ae black t-shirt ( i had the ae tank top on ) he thought i was giving him something ! lol He couldnt sign it then cus he had to sing , but said hed be back . ( ae stands for Absent Element , his former band .)
I honestly wouldnt have felt bad if he didnt come cus he was ill and it was almost over .
But when he got to the middle of the stage he looked over to where i was and i knew he was gonna come back . Sure enough when he got a chance he came over just to sign my shirt . ( i had a silver pen ) He didnt have to come over either . What a great guy !

Chris mentioned that he has been working on his new cd too during the show. He said he hoped that we all would come and see him when he goes on the road . By the sound of the crowd i dont think Chris has to worry about anyone fogetting him .

I took a bunch of pix , im going to post a few .

I dont norm take screen shots but i might start after i saw this ! lol
Heres ace and Chris

Title: Re: American Idol / Chris fans
Post by rzezniksangel on Aug 13th, 2006, 10:11am
Those pics are great!!  Just what I needed before heading out for a few days!!  I'm glad you had a great time!

Title: Re: American Idol / Chris fans
Post by the red o on Aug 13th, 2006, 6:39pm
Ahahahaha.  My new brother in law looks so much like Chris (Chris has a little more facial hair) and it's funny to see pictures.

That was nice he came back and signed your shirt for you.

Title: Re: American Idol / Chris fans
Post by the white o on Aug 14th, 2006, 6:34pm
I'm seeing them on Wednesday in Detroit with my bestfriend!!!

I'm pumped, I love concerts, never really watched the series though...

I know for a fact that I don't like Taylor.
I'm sorry Taylor fans!! :-X

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