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(Message started by: blessed_by_goo on Jun 26th, 2006, 11:34pm)

Title: Nighmares and Dreamscapes (no not the books)
Post by blessed_by_goo on Jun 26th, 2006, 11:34pm
Was curious if anyone else dreams vividly?
I seem to have a period of time in which my body seems to only have nightmares consecutively for like a week or 2~ I HATE IT!
I dream very real... filmlike~ dreams. It's awesome when they're good. I FEEL the emotions I would feel as if I were really experiencing it. USUALLY when I dream in nightmare mode~it's about tornadoes and me being in the direct vacinity or actually in it. I FEEL the adrenaline and the wind and the smell of the earth and everything. WIERD I KNOW!!!
THIS WEEK.... totally outta nowhere I am having nightmares of my kids.
Lastnight I dreamed my oldest was murdered and today I tried to catch a catnap due to lack of a goodnights rest and instead of catching up on zzzz's I dreamed that my littlest(4) and my oldest (10) were being held against their will and I was just on the otherside of the door and couldn't get inside. When I tried to pick up the phone to call the cops the guys detaining them had the phone off the hook and was making me listen to what they were saying to my girls. (which I won't repeat here)
Let's just say it was sexually expicit. I was mortified and felt completely helpless. I then tried to run across the street (this was all taking place at my former business) to the bakery to call the cops and as I'm running I had the infamous, can't run fast enough, rubbery feeling going thru my legs....panting, crying...wanting to collapse, sensation! I hate this!!!! I am still suffering this dream and will for a few days. I've been thru this so many's just usually a different kind of nightmare. I have been to dream pages and tried doing analasis(sp?) but they are soooooo vauge and I dunno, you have to try to fig out some of the key elemental things in your dream and sometimes it's all irrelovant.

Anyone else get this type of descriptive imagery and sensory from their dreams? There was actually alot more to this, but.... due to the details and the persons aformentioned   I'M   N    O   T  going there!
ESPECIALLY since I will be freaking out over this for days to come. I guess I thought maybe if I try to talk about it.... it would help. Everyone around me just gives me the same shit your parentas gave you when you were a kid....IT WAS JUSTA it wasn't ~it was a nightmare and NOW ...i can't sleep! too freaked out  :o

Title: Re: Nighmares and Dreamscapes (no not the books)
Post by Shannon on Jun 27th, 2006, 12:31am
Kari, I've never had these kinds of vivid nightmares. That must be horrible!!! I vaguely remember studying about this in my psych classes but can't remember details so I did a google search ... I found this on a dream information site ....

Is it normal to have nightmares?

Nightmares are very common among children and fairly common among adults. Often nightmares are caused by stress, traumatic experiences, emotional difficulties, drugs or medication, or illness. However, some people have frequent nightmares that seem unrelated to their waking lives. Recent studies suggest that these people tend to be more open, sensitive, trusting, and emotional than average.

I also found an interesting article here .... It's worth the read.

Title: Re: Nighmares and Dreamscapes (no not the books)
Post by blessed_by_goo on Jun 27th, 2006, 12:50am
Thanks Shannon for taking the time to find those links...I'll have to look them over. I think when we met I was telling you and terry about a dream I had about Goo. It was a comic strip of John as a plumber and yopu even said .... Man you dream that vivid?
I wasn't kidding they are all vivid. The Goo ones are usually really GOOd.... ahhhhummm(clears throat and changes subject)
LOl..... didn't know if you remembered that....
I remember all my dreams, thats the other wierd thing. My husbnd has dreams and can't remember one friggin thing about on the other hand....every last detail. WIERD :o

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