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   Puppy Mills
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Puppy Mills
« on: Sep 1st, 2006, 10:42am »
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I put together a little thing on them. Read it please!
And sign these petitions to help stop them!
What are puppy Mills?  
Puppy Mills are places where dogs are bred. But it is not a healthy enviornment. It's discusting.
Dogs are left to wrot in cages with hardly little food. The cages are stacked one on top of
the other so the dogs have to stand on wire cages, hurting there paws. The dogs are bred over
and over until they die. They do not check for infections, and they breed brothers and sisters,
mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, not caring about internal and external
deformities. They are left in the cold the whole winter, in broken down buildings.
The dogs are then sold to pet stores, and people buy these tortured animals from pet stores.
The dogs are not socalized or tamed, and are never let out of there cages.
How to stop Puppy Mills?
Do not buy dogs from petstores. They may look cute but they are really tourtured.
Refusing to buy dogs from pet stores decreases the demand for dogs and therefor  
puts puppy mill breeders out of buisness, hence stopping the tourture.
- Forbes Mac Quarrie, NS, Canada
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Re: Puppy Mills
« Reply #1 on: Sep 1st, 2006, 11:16am »
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Any inhumanity to animals makes me so angry. I can't believe this goes on and these people can live with themselves. It makes me want to scream  :pissed:
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If you need help, please email me at ShannonWOG@aol.com

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