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Re: You know what...

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Posted By above you On Thu, Sep 3rd At 10:36 AM
In Reply To: Re: You know what... Posted By Bob On Thu, Aug 6th At 9:48 AM
You guys, Bob, Ben and Mr. Happy are a bunch of
fucking retards!! You are very bitter. I have
read posts by all of you. They are filled with
mindless drivel and show signs of serious anal
retention. You guys should have an Exlax brownies
and fucking relax!! Be happy about something, say
something positive about something sometime you
will feel better about yourselves, who know it
may boost your moral.

Best Regards

>>MOOOOOOoooooOOOOOOOO!! I like Beef... Beef
>> >is... Good.

>BEEF...the friendly meat!


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