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Posted By Rachel On Mon, Jul 16th At 10:00 PM
When I left my last message I had not read all of
the previous messages. So, being that I am a
"new" fan of SW I can tell you that their new
sound attracted me BUT not because it was POPPY!!
I liked it because it was sad and the lyrics
touched me! I went to a lyrics area on a web site
and read some older stuff that I have not heard.
Well the words all have the same depth of feeling
as on the new cd.(That is the only thing that
gives a song staying power!) Maybe teens will be
attracted to the "softer" sound but why do you
care so much! Are you so afraid of liking
something that allot of people like? I'll never
understand that. Well,I say more power to them!
Stabbing Westward is awesome on the NEW cd and
live! Also for your info I don't like brittney or
nsync I listened to NIN or heavy metal before I
heard "so far away" on the radio. Also, I am
21(NOT A TEEN!)and now listen to them ALL THE
TIME! So please don't be so insecure about
yourself and just admit that the cd is great and
a large audiance will now love the band you have
grown to hate.

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