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Posted By joyce On Tue, May 22nd At 6:57 PM
ok, heard one song on the radio about three weeks
ago (i've been in a coma for 14 years...just woke
up March 9th. long story)), bought ticket to
concert, concert cancelled due to illness,
Darkest Days lent to me by the friend/student I'm
taking to the concert, got addicted immediately,
bought Ungod and became completely unglued, want
to pump this music into my veins, figuratively
speaking, of course; however, Christopher is a
fucking creative, passionate, lovely person who
has contributed so much to my life and he doesn't
even know it. N-E-Way, bought the new CD today.
They kick Ass. Just ordered Wither, Blister, etc.
Should be here in about a week. I'm so hooked I
can't believe it. I'm on the second listening
(first one that's kinda close, first was at
"work" and I couldn't concentrate fully, but
that's okay, because I consider there work to be
experiential, like a symphony.) Every CD is like
a fucking story. Like an experience that is so
personal. They are rocking my world right now.
I'm hearing the last cut and it's so beautiful I
could cry. I know the next time I hear it, it's
going to be even more beautiful. OK, i'm
mentally ill. anyway, went to get tickets today
at Web Theatre. They're gonna be there with the
cult, who i don't really know, and Monster
Magnet, who i like. i feel refreshed. i've been
searching for a band for over two months and i
found them.


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