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Re: escape from la song

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Posted By Joe On Thu, May 24th At 11:27 PM
In Reply To: escape from la song Posted By amanda On Thu, May 17th At 12:28 AM
>hey, does anybody know where i can download
>"dawn" from the escape from la soundtrack? I
>can't find it anywhere and i really like it...if
>u know where i can get it from could u please
> email me.....that would be great.....thanx

get it off Napster.......or if you have AOL
instant messanger, IM me (Ruiner729) and I can
transfer it to you over AOL IM. I'm in NJ, and
usually on like 11-ish weeknights......I got alot
of other remix shit if you can't get anything off
Napster........hope this helps.......



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