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im not really sure what to say:0)but here it goes

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Posted By Rebecca Celaya On Sat, Feb 10th At 10:15 PM
Hi to the person reading this right now hee hee
:0) Ive never done one of these before so im not
really sure what to say at all. ive seen
stabbing westward in concert twice now. They put
on an amazing show, I mean they don't really do
special effects or have fancy things on the
stage. They just really set the mood. I dont
know how but christopher hall , its like he sings
to each and everyone as if it was just you he was
singing too. Hes very good at making eye contact
and believe me he can melt you with his eyes :0)
but he does it with everyone but its always a
different gaze i guess. i dont know hee hee im
not very good at explaining myself. but whenever
they come again i hope to see you i would most
likely be going to the concert at clutch cargos
in downtown pontiac, mi. im from around the
detroit area so i hope to see you there. im
sorry i made you read so much hee hee thanks
for reading if you made it this far bye bye :0)

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