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Posted By Alpine On Mon, Aug 13th At 3:48 PM
The Crystal Method's new album, Tweekend, is now
out. It's pretty amazing. Vegas it's not, but it
is definitly The Crystal Method, more bass than
you can shake a stick at. Not as tripped out, and
a little more trancey I would say. But very very
cool. You're going to hear more from this album
I'm sure.

The first hundred thousand or so copies include a
tweekend pass, that gets you access to downloads,
contests, even meet and greet opportunities with
the boys themselves! So check it out. And if you
don't like Name of the Game, don't worry, the
album is quite diverse from that.

They're on tour right now, so see their website
for dates. They put on a really good live show!

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