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Posted By laleyna On Sun, Feb 13th At 3:29 AM
In Reply To: Re: cancer Posted By Waylaid On Thu, Feb 10th At 5:58 PM
bullshit. i don't fucking believe it. i get sick
of you shit stirring punks.

>Yeah! Really sorry to tell you guys but I heard
>from this guy who knows this dude with a friend
>who's a doctor at this hospital in Chicago. He
>said that Billy's got a lump in his throat.
>Apparently it came when he choked too hard on
> this appel.
>The gigs he cancelled in Europe wern't cos o' no
> cold. It was the cancer.
>Sorry guys.
>Post a follow-up if you love billy. Maybe, just
>maybe if we pool our love together we can get
> >the cancer to go away.

  • cancer - Isabela Sun, Jan 30th At 11:09 AM (4)

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