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Re: Desolation?

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Posted By Staind_GaL On Sat, Jan 8th At 3:26 PM
In Reply To: Re: Desolation? Posted By mybabemouth On Tue, Jan 4th At 9:27 AM
OK, that was what I had though till I started
hearing the album was called Desolation.
I've been paying attention, I just got confused.

>the new album is calles machina/the machines of
> god, where have you been?
>for confirmation, go to
>and the new single is stand inside your love,
> they even started making a video.
>well here's my page not done yet

>>I had heard that the new album would be coming

>out on Feb. 29, 2000 and that it was called >
>"Desolation" with the first single being 'Stand
>> Inside Your Love'... but then I also heard
>that the new album is called "Machina- God of >>
> Machines"...

>>Can anyone clear this up for me???


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