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Shania Twain is an excellent role model.

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Posted By Jax On Thu, Aug 12th At 3:01 PM
Shania Twain is an excellent person, and should be
admired for what she has done. Raising her young
siblings when her parents died, putting her
dreams on hold, and taking the beat downs of
cricts. She kept on going, how she has records
and has dozens of awards for her accomplishments
in her life. She how has a family and would drop
the world for Mutt and Eja(who turned 3 today),
which inspires many people to shot for the stars.
Shows people that if you keep on going nothing
can hold you back, even a blockade of people or
shooting crictics (who couldn't do anything, but
people down due to the fact that they can't do
what she has, inspire). Shania Twain inspires me
to give it my all in everything I do, even take a
well deserved break when needed. Many people will
talk about Shania Twain, but more will speak of
the impression (that inspirion and determintion)
she made on people all around the world with her
unique style. Shania Twain RULES! No other music
artist has anything on her.


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