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"What do you want me tow do Shina Twain""

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Posted By Keeble walker On Fri, Jul 20th At 5:08 PM
In Reply To: shaina twain Posted By robert baylin On Thu, Mar 30th At 12:18 PM
And yes, "I' do: 'Yes, Shina Twain, what do you
want me two do rite up the middle are you hot and
thirst for me yes say it and giv em, more
Cealluar walk through she does, her eyes is your
eyes, come here, where you boy friend, hes at
home and do you live boie your self yes her Shina
Twain, yes "I' do want you get rid ove him yes
her as well and as the, CD melody is and you will
CD this, yes llet me kiss you,wow, "I' miss say
hteses thoigns two you, yes that red Shian Twain
dress and that hate, you drive me crazy women,
jsut let me give you, the, "Thrist ove it" and if
"I' did, make the sound, on VT and make it sound
jucie and delicous you are let me kiss your ahir
and you, lips and yes, le tme kss you their and
yes, get rid ove him and dont barru cade the
intreway two you, yes le tme touch your fingers
kiss every, wetness ove you in side, ove will bee
the them ove the CD rum


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