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Posted By Jax On Thu, Aug 12th At 2:40 PM
In Reply To: thanks! Posted By bliss robinson On Fri, Apr 9th At 4:21 PM
>God bless you,Eileen Lange... Your lyrics are so
>positive and encouraging for women. All we need
>to do is really listen to the words! You are a
>real encouragement to me to "hang in there & the
>best I can " as wife, mom and working woman.
>You are REAL, and I admire what >you have done.

I agree, Thank you Shania. She is an inspirion to
show girls that we can do anything we want. Her
music shows that. She is an example of the
'nothing to lose, everything to gain' person. Her
music helps me through everything, and inspires
me to be more than "just a prettty face."

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    • Re: thanks! - Jax Thu, Aug 12th At 2:40 PM (0)

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