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"Shania" The Meaning

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Posted By snowbird singing On Wed, Feb 11th At 9:08 AM
Shania said her name meant "on my way". That's
wrong. In Ojibway its closest translations are
"silver" or "money".

The word "Shoniya" comes from the Algonquin
Indian. The meaning is "money"

The translation for "shania" is "money". You can
research in internet the spelling "shoniya".
Other spellings are "zhoo-ni-yaa" and
"zhoo-ny-ah". The "zh" native sound is "sh" in

The word "shania" is derived from the native
chemical element "NI" the symbol for silver. The
native word for silver is "aabita-zhooniyaans".

Translation of English "I am on my way" to Obijway
is "nindaayaa".

The Ojibwe or Ojibway language is thousands of
years old and very specific in meaning.
Misunderstandings in word meaning are almost
impossible. One of the most widespread Algonquin
languages is Anishinaabe language
Anishinaabemowin. It belongs to the Central
Algonquin group and includes three dialects:
Ojibwe, Ottawa (Odawa) and Potawatomi
(Bodewadmi). Anishinaabe is a name, which these
three nations call themselves.

An internet search with the translated spellings:
ALL translate to the word "MONEY".

A site that translates English to Ojibwe. The
phrase "i am on my way" came back as

Another site that is an Ojibwe audible learning
site. The word "zhooniyaa" sounds like English

Ojibwa/Ojibwe/Ojibway are all the same and all are
a form of Algonquin/Algonkin.

There are many language translations site to
verify the information. The easiest to check

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