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Posted By Michele On Tue, Dec 10th At 12:41 PM
In Reply To: Re: Beauty Secrets Posted By boobysue On Sun, Dec 8th At 3:38 PM
>>Hello to all: I am a fellow Canadian like our
>>Shania and I am curious to know how she manages
>>to look so good all the time? I am interrested
>>in knowing her personal beauty secrets as well
>>as the products she uses. I would also like to
>>know her fitness routine. Any info would be
>> >greatly appreciated. THANX >>!!

>i know one thing she uses. i'm not sure what it
>is called, but it's the stuff farmers use on
>their cow's tits. that's true i heard her say
> >so herself.

I had heard something like that but was not sure
if it was real or not??? Thank for the tip.


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