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Posted By l buchi On Sat, Aug 25th At 7:59 PM
musicfanclubs is setting up a new forum system:

the one particular to ratm is:

click 'start a new thread'.
i could possibly be 'moderator', but would i
really want that kindof...decision making
authority, or control? no, no, no. fools are
fools and we move on or ignore it altogether!
this forum appears more aesthetically pleasing,
visually, and it's easier to navigate. there's
lots of useless 'fun' stuff, and that distracts
from the point of having a forum.
it is what we make out of it.
i remember a bright renassaine of rage-related
communication in the 'early' days, it is
possible, if we are open to it and participate.

did you guys hear about the guy from asia who
altered his feet to be all huge and agile for
mountain running?
and how do you like the new page design/graphics?
i feel it is rather sharp, myself.


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