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fuck you

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Posted By zach de la rocha On Sun, Aug 26th At 12:49 AM
In Reply To: RAGE # 1 Posted By Chrissy On Fri, Aug 24th At 1:00 PM
if i saw you walkin down the street, i'd bust in
your ear. motherfucker. youd be like, who the
fuck busted in my ear? and i'd be like, me mother
fucker. thayatch.

i want to jerk off a dick, oww fuck. move your
leg,stop pemetrating me.

they should ban all drunk people from this forum.
wait. no don't until i soberize like terminator.
T1000 gets drunk. and then he fucksguys in the
ear. maybe in the toe.

  • RAGE # 1 - Chrissy Fri, Aug 24th At 1:00 PM (2)
    • fuck you - zach de la rocha Sun, Aug 26th At 12:49 AM (1)

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