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Re: personal stories, tips, just tryin to open an interesting topic

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Posted By janette On Mon, Aug 13th At 12:12 AM
In Reply To: personal stories, tips, just tryin to open an interesting topic Posted By michael On Fri, Aug 10th At 11:48 AM
train hopping is something i'm really into and
know a fair bit on but have never done simply due
to logistical issues. squatting is something ive
been trying to get going over here for a while
and i know more on the issue and have stayed
at/helped with squats, etc.. so on.

on the topic.. i also know a number of scams as
well as good techniques for stealing if anyone is

.. i dont feel like typing however.. there is some
net info on squatting and there are groups out
there.. homes not jails in dc for example -
theyre good kids. they just did a housing take
over in montreal, also..

if youre in the kentucky area check out the
Permanent Autonomous Zone (PAZ) conference in
louisville at the brycc house on labor day wknd.

an interesting book/zine to read is evasion. check for more info. also their book
days of war nights of love is also very good. i
suggest you all read it. now.

janette "worse than death".


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