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Posted By cathal Maguidhir On Wed, Oct 11th At 3:40 AM
In Reply To: Ira Einhorn Posted By G On Sun, Jul 22nd At 9:52 PM
>Does anyone know where or how I could show my
>support for Ira Einhorn? He's about to be
>railroaded in the PA courts just like Mumia was
>due to his political beliefs. I can't believe I
>live in a country that murders people then
>frames those with beliefs that challenge the
> status quo. Apparently it is very common.

Nonsense. Whilst Mumia is definitely a political
prisoner who should be released, Einhorn is a
fraud and a nonentity who did murder his partner
and should remain in jail.

To those who think he is innocent, how do they
explain the rotting corpse being found in a trunk
in his apartment?


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