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Posted By Anna On Fri, Jun 29th At 5:33 AM
In Reply To: ME Posted By Suzanne On Fri, Jun 1st At 12:39 AM
>This is the song that pulls me out of my funk.
>Today was particularly low. I decided to go for
>a run. I ran to a bridge over a large
>river...and of course all I could think to
>myself was, "I am walking on the bridge, I am
>over the water, I'm scared as hell, but I know
>there's something better, yes I know there's
>something better, yes I know, yes I know."
> >You're incredible, Paula Cole.

During the days when I feel that everything is
lost and nothign seems to go rite, i listen to
this song and i agree with her 100%. it is me who
is making me who is making my enemies coz i dont
have any and i just make them up. anyone who
feels like they are lower than anyone else. ure
Paula Cole is amazing

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