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Posted By Chelsea On Sat, Jun 30th At 10:46 AM
I just finished watching Theif on Muchmusic. I
love it for many reasons
a) it's one of the few things that can make me
b) Raine is DEAD sexy
c) I like the song
d) They all look so cute
YEah anyway, I wanted to say thanks to Shadowkewl
and ~Raine Maida's Bong~ for answering my
question. I was also wondering if OLP is coming
to Canada anytime soon. They have been so busy
touring the USA that they seem to have forgotten
us. Montreal would be great, because i am from
New Brunswick, and we don't have any big places
for them to perform, and Montreal does, so i go
to concerts there. Well i was just wondering.
Reply if you can, i'll check back soon.

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