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June 26th show - my first! :)

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Posted By Shadowkewl On Wed, Jun 27th At 4:55 PM
Hey all! This is my first post here, after my
first OLP concert. And let me tell you, it was
the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Raine's
voice and stage prescence were magical. They
started with Middle of Yesterday. They played
every song that I could have wanted (except they
didn't play The Wonderful Future), and played for
2 hours, before they were forced to end it
because the Metro had another booking for that
night. ::sigh:: I can't even remember which
song they played last, since Jeremy ended it with
a huge drum solo that just wouldn't quit! :)
Afterwards, two of my friends and I stayed
outside of the doors, and I talked to the Cutty
guy, who eventually came back out and let me and
3 other people go up and meet the
guys!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took my shirt I bought, and
had all 4 guys sign it. It was GREAT!!!! I
can't wait for my next show, someday. Does
anyone know where to get ahold of "Whatever" from
the soon to be released wrestling album? They
played it, and I LOVED IT! I just have to have
it. ;) Talk to you guys later! Our Lady Peace



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