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Re: questions about the cd's

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Posted By ~Raine Maida's Bong~ On Sat, Jun 23rd At 12:49 PM
In Reply To: questions about the cd's Posted By Chelsea On Thu, Jun 21st At 8:50 AM
Well Chelsea,that's a hard decision cuz all OLPs
albums rock and Naveed is a terrific album with
tonz of rockin songs but that is a tought choice
but I'd go with Naveed probably myself.Ok,I do
hate one of their songs to be honest,Hello
Oskar(it's on Clumsy),but the rest of their songs
are all right.It annoys me but I could tolerate
it over Britney Spears or any boyband song for
that matter.

>I was wondering what their best cd is. I have
>Clumsy and Spiritual Machines, and i was told
>Naveed is the best. Do you agree or disagree,
>and why. I am trying to decide what cd to buy
>next. If i don't decide soon, i may be forced
> >to buy Weezer's new cd while i decide! HELP ME!


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