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Posted By tree On Sun, Apr 29th At 6:56 PM
In Reply To: philly show Posted By olpman On Sun, Apr 29th At 1:34 AM
>Anybody go to the show at the trocadero on friday
>night? it was absolutely amazing. its only the
>second time i've seen them. i'm trying to write
>up the set list but me and my friends are having
>some trouble. can anybody help? >thanks,
> later

yea I went on friday and yea it was supre duper
amazing I had front row and I got to meet them at
the meet and greet Iwas hysterical (hence the
reason I got to stay) they were the best down to
earth guys I've ever met and they were SUPER
sweet. I can help ya with the set list but I was
so frantic and was hyperventillating so bad that
it's hard for me to remember it all I knwo they
ended with starseed and when he climbed onto the
balcony he was doing one man army. started with
middle of yesterday first or second. anyway email
me and I'll try to write something up and send it
to you


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