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Wow !!!

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Posted By EuTeRpE's sLaYeR ( formerly known as ChCh 1) On Tue, Nov 29th At 10:47 PM
Coming back to this board ... is like coming back
to your old kindergarden or something ...

I used to be a regular down here ... like ... ages
ago !!! =). And post daily .Got into other types
of music , eventually stopped posting here, even
forgot a bit about Oasis.

Yesterday I was zapping channels and caught "oasis
live in manchester" . I didn't recognize half of
the songs ... but to watch Oasis that day brought
back too many memories.

I came back to see if some of my old friends were
still here. I only recognized Gallimel ... hmmm
... it would have been cool to find them over

Gotta go ( say hello to Noel and Liam for me
,hahaha ... damn! I still have Noel's water
bottle somewhere in my house). I'll try to find
the old crew somewhere else.

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