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Posted By Chandra Levy On Tue, Aug 28th At 11:15 AM
In Reply To: The Sheila Divine Posted By Rez On Tue, Aug 28th At 10:41 AM
> I am convinced The Sheila Divine are one of the
>top two or three bands making rock music today.
>Their first disc "New Parade" being nothing
>short of a classic and their new cd "Where Have
>My Countrymen Gone" slowly becoming one as well.
>They are a mix between The Pixies, Tugboat Annie
>and the Smiths if you are curious of their
>sound. You certainly can front and try to ignore
>what I say but it will be you who is missing out
>on truly breathtaking rock and roll, not me. For
>the people not able to find their music in the
> stores grab these songs and thank me later.
>I'm A Believer
>Every Year
>Automatic Buffalo
>Like A Criminal
>Opportune Moment
>Awful Age
>The Modern Log
> "It's who you love...
> it's where you've been...
> it's who you saw...
> and touch within...
> it's how you die...
> and the way you give...
> some may love...
> but who really lives?" - The Sheila Divine
>R e z

have you heard of simian? pretty cool album.


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