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The Sheila Divine

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Posted By Rez On Tue, Aug 28th At 10:41 AM

I am convinced The Sheila Divine are one of the
top two or three bands making rock music today.
Their first disc "New Parade" being nothing short
of a classic and their new cd "Where Have My
Countrymen Gone" slowly becoming one as well.
They are a mix between The Pixies, Tugboat Annie
and the Smiths if you are curious of their sound.
You certainly can front and try to ignore what I
say but it will be you who is missing out on
truly breathtaking rock and roll, not me. For the
people not able to find their music in the stores
grab these songs and thank me later.

I'm A Believer
Every Year
Automatic Buffalo
Like A Criminal
Opportune Moment
Awful Age
The Modern Log

"It's who you love...
it's where you've been...
it's who you saw...
and touch within...
it's how you die...
and the way you give...
some may love...
but who really lives?" - The Sheila Divine

R e z


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