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Re: Do you think I really care what you think fool?

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Posted By the forum know-it-all On Mon, Aug 27th At 7:43 PM
In Reply To: Do you think I really care what you think fool? Posted By Mr. T On Mon, Aug 27th At 6:49 PM

>LMAO! Oasis is derivative shit fool, end of
>story. Back in Vietnam (circa 1968) I was in an
>elite combat unit called the A-Team, and we had
>real acts like Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Peter
>Green, Cream, Sly & The Family Stone, Curtis
>Mayfield, The Beatles etc. etc... Now don't get
>me wrong Hannibal, Murdock and Face use to play
>some Monkees type of shit back then, but that's
>like the equivalent of an Oasis fan in todays
>terms. Always looking for a spin off of the real
>thing. Now maybe if the Gallaghers had a sound
>and look of their own Oasis LP's wouldn't be
>collecting dust in every record store "all
>around the world". Bottom line fool, as the
> English say "Oasis are bollocks".

Oh my god!

How obvious is that Mr Obvious/ Former Poster/ Lo
Bastido/ Lo Stupido / Oasis Fan 2#etc?

Very, very obvious. Jesus holy christ, can't he at
least try to hide himself? Can't he at least try
to write in a different style so it isn't easy to
spot him?



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