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Re: Oasis in more punkier direction!!!!!!! Read!!!!

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Posted By Mr. T On Mon, Aug 27th At 6:25 PM
In Reply To: Oasis in more punkier direction!!!!!!! Read!!!! Posted By Mr Truth On Mon, Aug 27th At 12:29 PM
>I,ve just got back from the Reading festival and
>i got Noel and Gems autograph!! I asked him when
>the new single was out and he grinned and said
>probably late November time now! I asked what it
>sounded like and he said just the same really
>but a lot more punkier! and he actually fucking
>told me the opening lyrics! Can you believe that
> i was chuffed!
>It goes
>''she got the eyes / she got the soul
> she is the sex , the drugs
> she is rocknroll''

Huuggghh! Hey fool! That sounds like some
Gallagher bullsh*t! Their careers are over, you
heard me Murdock? OVER fool! Now don't be tryin'
to gets me on no planes Hannibal!


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