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Re: The return?

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Posted By RevVi- MaN On Sun, Aug 26th At 1:17 PM
In Reply To: Re: The return? Posted By Bobby B On Sat, Aug 25th At 10:32 PM
>>>> The excitement was building, the
>>>>anticipation must have been unbearable... has
>>>>Rez returned? Indeed. Original name, original
>>>>cut throat attitude... buckle your fucking
>>>> chin straps.
>>>> More to come later.
>>>>R e z
>>>>(let the faking begin)

>>>LOL! What a wanker..
>>>Bobby B

>>Minimal, unintelligent name calling aside deep
>>down you are excited I have come back to this
>>hole of a forum. I mean, what else have you got
>>in your life beside faking me and using words
>>like "wanker".. you know? I feel like I add to
>>your boring life and for no other reason than
>>that I have come back to stir this pot, albeit
>> a pot filled with horseshit.
>>and yes, the horseshit includes you.
>>R e z

>If you were indeed "intelligent", you would know
> a thing or two about commas. heh heh
>EX 1. aside,deep
>No charge for the lesson!
>Bobby B

You would probably know that a sentence begins
with a capital letter!

Example - heh heh

Chill Bobby B, he's back. It's about time too (if
it's really him), this board was getting kind of
sterile without him.


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