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advice on how to keep fighting for my sisters life

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Posted By tracey bailey On Sat, Feb 12th At 11:46 AM
I am writing about my sister who is 43 and dying
of cancer it is in her liver lungs and pancrease
and my mom has morgaged her house to keep her on
organic foods and supplements. Only to find out 2
weeks ago that my stepdad has been told he has a
brain tumor they can not remove so mom has him on
the same diet.but the money is going fast.I have
tryed to get a job that pays enough to help out
but can not i have also been told my voice is
good but i don;t know how to get that started at
this point i have to try everything and
anything.I enjoy yuor music and it would be great
if you could give some advice or feedback.

thankyou for your music and time

tracey bailey

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