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Posted By Jane On Wed, Jan 22nd At 5:38 PM
I see their is alot of Natalie Imbruglia fan here
and i am to a big one. I collected over a $1,000
worth of stuff promos, one of a kind cd's. Hand
signed stuff.
but now i have to sell it. I am getting married
and my fiance wants me to get rid of my WHOLE
HUGE collection. So on ebay i am selling all of
my goods i have sold alot already but i also have
alot left. But i am afraid who is ever biding on
the items are not her real fans they are just
going to turn around and resell the items so i
thought i would give her real fans the heads up
so thank you for your time and my ebay name is
so look up the stuff i have posted and i will ship
all around the world!

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