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Natalie Imbrulia's Music among the Best Ever!?

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Posted By Ralphy S. On Thu, May 11th At 9:11 AM
Just after the turn of the milllenium MNatalie
Imbruglia's music becomes eternal. One of her
songs entered the Dutch Eternal/Alltime (MP3-)Hot
100 Hitlist (Version 2000). Voters can all send
in a personal Top 10 of the best songs of all
time with 2 restrictions. Records need to be at
least one year old to get registered and only one
song per artist is allowed in your Top Ten. This
traditional hitlist has just had it's 29th annual
edition and one of the 10 new entries was Natalie
Imbruglia. Wanna know what song and how high it
entered, see the complete list by visiting the
attached url of Ralphy's Cool Music Site and then
look around.

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