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Posted By Brandie On Thu, Jul 6th At 1:37 PM
In Reply To: Re: Natalie Imbruglia and Daniel Johns Posted By asha On Thu, Dec 8th At 3:19 AM
>hey bebe girl
>who the hell do u thnk u r? 4 gods sake get a
>lyf! ive been a silverchair fan since the
>beginning and im so happy for daniel he deserves
>her specially after what hes been through. u
>would kno that if u were a real fan. shes nice
>and she loves him ok so just get off her back
>and do something better with your time, like
>spelling practice coz u need it! ( f-r-o-m, not
>form and l-o-s-e-r not looser ........... k?) no
>one cares! if ur gonna say sumthin bad bout her
>keep it 2 urself k? im on >lady m, melinda and
> kookz side k?

Hey I've been a silverchair fan since 1995 to and
I admit I was stunned to know that Johnsy was
married to natalie cos I wanted him so bad,but
you know if he is happy than why in the hell does
people have to be so fu?$%*g! jelous. Let him
be.There good together.L8ter.


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