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Posted By reply On Mon, May 29th At 12:36 AM
In Reply To: Sin City Posted By Nick On Fri, May 26th At 10:49 AM
Actually, the lyrics to Sin City are already
posted on this site (yup, the site you visited to
get to this message board...) as well as several
others... and most sites, including this one, do
contain email links.

>I can't believe that I could not find ONE site on
>the net that has the lyrics for Merideth's best
>song... Well I guess I can't categorically say
>that since I'm not really a "FAN" like you guys
>and the only other song I know is "Bitch" so
>there's really not much competition. I thought
>"Bloke" was a good song (cheap Aussie rip off...
>funny though... it's like an anthem for us guys
>down under). But still there's no denying that
>Sin City's an awesome song and the lyrics should
>be posted somewhere... So I had to write them
>down and I was gonna send them to someone but
>not one of the MB sites that I could find has a
>bloody email link... So hey... I guess they're
>for my eyes only... So someone should write em
>down and publish em... I'm going to write down
>the tabs for it too so if someone is going to
>publish it... email me and I'll give them to
> you...
>Thank you... That is all...

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