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Why I love Bitch/ Somedays

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Posted By Kari* On Wed, Jun 9th At 12:31 AM
Well..... I'm hear to tell you that without
Meredith Brooks I could not get though a single
day. Especially the bad ones which it seems like
in a 16 year olds world that is everyday almost!
If you listen to her songs they are totally
meaningful. I think that she is just trying to
reassure you that lifes never PERFECT! On a bad
day I come home for school and turn on Bitch, or
Somedays and close the world out for 3mins than
breath in love breath out hate and head back out
into reality. My only advice is always remember
that somedays are just better than others.....

Love: Kari Hedrick*

Ps: Feel free to write me anytime about anything!


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